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    morning news sports senior high school entrance examination will be held in mid - May Toms Outlet Store, than last year pushed back more than half a month. Yesterday Toms Outlet, the city Bureau of Education announced the "2013 Qingdao city junior high school graduates of physical education and health examination work instruction opinion", this year the senior high school entrance examination of sports for a total score of 45 points, the process is divided into 30 points, field test score of 15 points.

    junior high school graduates to take physical examination, testing process management assessment and objective effect of the combination of methods, process management assessment score of 30 points, the junior middle school three years each school year, each 10; goal effect test score of 15 points, the real scores included the entrance to the total score, out of 45 points. The target effect test for senior high school entrance examination sports field test, which must take the boys ran 1000 meters, girls running 800 meters, graduation project, the boys throwing solid ball, volleyball volleyball, girls skip and volleyball raising, each item score is 5 points.

    according to the city Bureau of education arrangement, junior high school graduates physical exam begins in the middle of May batch arrangement, this year's exam time delay of half a month than in previous years. Bureau of education Ti Weiyi, director Li Yeqing said, the main reason examination later this year is physical test site will enable the electronic umpire, electronic equipment debugging and candidates familiar with the need for a certain period of time. In accordance with the requirements of the city Bureau of education, the provisions of the state detection apparatus standard test using three for the test, each city should actively create conditions, combined use of instruments, most late next year, all of the use of instrument testing district.

    also announced the test method of each project, the male 1000 meters and the girl ran 800 meters, 20 for each group. You'd better wear sports shoes or flat shoes, barefoot can. But do not wear shoes, leather shoes, plastic sandals. Found a false start, to immediately recall re run, second false starts to cancel test qualifications. Test the ball the ball using a weight of 2 kg, each throw three times, recording the best time. Skipping the test, candidates can be the length of the rope to the appropriate length, test time is 1 minutes, the testing process of skipping tripping, except this time doesn't count, should continue to carry out. (reporter Zang Xuping) author: Zang Xuping

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